6 reasons why you don't need a virtual tour
(but, actually, you do)

360° tours are advertised as a cost-efficient way to double the attention, increase conversion and, ultimately, boost sales. However, you may question the fact that a virtual technology can bring you real results. Here are the most frequent doubts — dispelled.
"Virtual tours don't work in my business category"
The biggest advantage of 360° tours is that they benefit basically all types of business, starting with restaurants and bars and ending with real estate and universities. Virtual tours let the audience see your premises from unconventional points of view and build a connection a lot stronger than if they just found your business listing on Google.
"I own a small business. I don't have money on a virtual tour"
Let the numbers speak: our prices for a complete 360° tour start from £220 in the UK and $290 in the US, and you only pay once the shooting has taken place. Considering the effect virtual tours make on consumers (84% of the people surveyed by Google said a 360° tour was one of the factors that influenced their ultimate decision), it sounds like a cost-efficient investment.
"There is no guarantee that a virtual tour will pay off"
Without getting too philosophical, let's jump into statistics. Radisson stated ROI in less than 4 weeks for their hotels that had virtual tours. Google recorded 50% conversion for restaurants with 360° tours and 40% more visitors of businesses with complete business listings in general. As far as we are concerned, more clients bring bigger revenue, which means that at the end of the day, even this affordable sum you spent on a virtual tour will pay off.
"My shop is too small to make a virtual tour"
If you own a tiny cute space, like DECIEM (The Abnormal Beauty Company) "The Ordinary", that only means that you will get your virtual tour at the lowest cost. We know how hard it is to attract clients to a new business, so a 360° tour is a credible way to build initial trust, display your assortment and create an emotional connection with your audience.
"My café's interior is too simple for a virtual tour"
360 tours are perfect for promoting Instagrammable spaces, it's a fact. However, they are also beneficial for businesses that don't lure their audience just with a sweet picture. For instance, John Marshall Media Inc. had their virtual tour made by ShowYour.Space to strengthen their image in the eyes of their potential partners and future employees. Neither of these target audiences makes a decision based on how nice the company's premises are. It's more transparency that makes a clear signal: this business is trustworthy.
"I don't want my business to become more visible on Google"
This is, probably, the only solid reason to say "no" to a virtual tour. A 360° tour can attract more attention to your business listing, make your website visitors stay on the page longer and even increase online bookings. If these are none of your goals, keep away from virtual tours. If you want your business to prosper, fill in the form below or schedule a call with us and let's discuss the opportunities a 360° tour can bring to you.
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