How universities can benefit from virtual tours

Promoting a university in 2018 implies a lot of online marketing. Competition in the education sphere has become global. That means your digital strategy has to be comprehensive. Contemporary design of the website and correct tone of voice on social media can do a lot for the image of the university. However, traditional digital instruments are already not enough. To really stand out among the competitors, you need to use innovative technology. Here is what a virtual tour can do for your university.
Recruit the best students from all over the world
One of the main benefits of a university virtual tour is that it provides a view of all the facilities from abroad for free. Most of the foreign students don't have a chance to travel to the campus before making the final decision while doing a 360° tour online is more than affordable. The immersive experience can be shared with the key influencers, such as family and friends, and reassure the future student in their decision.
Showcase the university facilities
Before making a virtual tour, decide on the best things your university has to offer. A renovated campus, fully-equipped laboratories, gyms and art studios — a 360° tour will show everything you are proud of.
Get bigger audience to your open days
Virtual tours increase the number of university open days up to 365 a year. The panoramic picture will answer a hundred of typical questions about the campus, auditoriums and dormitory. Students will save their time on personal visits and will only approach you with more specific questions — and their applications.
Add value to the brand of the university by connecting it to the city brand
A general view of the university building at 360° will cover some specifics of the town architecture, local nature and atmosphere. Students don't just choose where to study — they choose where to live. So, selling the area means selling the university, and vice versa.
Attract professionals and academics
Just like the students, professors search for new job opportunities and scientific events online. A virtual tour can deliver the advantages of your university as a workplace and simply show your space to those who are thrilled to give a speech inside your walls.
A growing number of UK and US universities are already using virtual tours.
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