4 advantages of virtual tours for your type of business

A 360º tour won't solve all of your business problems, but you can certainly reach some of your marketing goals with a high-quality panorama. Let's see it at a few examples...
Restaurants, cafes and bars
Interior design and lighting are the first things your clients notice when they enter your place. A virtual tour will show both of them. According to various studies, a full-panoramic experience of the space can increase bookings from 38% to 85%. Sounds like the ultimate reason to let your clients choose the table they prefer online.
Gyms and sports clubs
A virtual tour leaves your space open 24/7. A potential client can see all of your equipment and facilities whenever it is convenient for them. Fewer trial visits — more real memberships!
Hospitality (hotels, guest houses, rent apartments)
We have already mentioned the benefits of virtual tours for real estate. For rented lodging, there are even more: 360° tours generate 48% more bookings (a survey made by Best Western proved), and you will profit from every new visitor.
Beauty salons
A virtual tour creates a sense of value. Such interactive media in your listing will let your customer know you care, and this is exactly what they come to beauty salons for.
Do you want more reasons why you need a virtual tour? Feel free to arrange a call with us, and we will discuss your custom offer!
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