Why virtual tours benefit real estate the most

A panoramic picture is worth a million words — and a certain share of the budget, in case of property sales. Virtual tours are an affordable yet effective digital instrument that can help you decrease your marketing expenses and result in real purchases. Here is why.
More attention to listings
A recent industry survey showed that real estate listings receive 87% more views when they include virtual tours. Moreover, 54% of buyers claimed they would not even look at a property without virtual images.
More qualified leads
Since 360° tours attract a bigger number of users, they result in increased searches, views, website visits and phone calls. At that, relevance of these leads is high too. Virtual tours are reported to cut wasted property viewings by 40%.
More time spent on the website
Interactivity of virtual tours makes them engaging and immersive. A viewer can discover the place at his own pace, paying more attention to specific rooms or, rather, surrounding neighbourhood.
...and less — wasted in real life
360° tours are accessible 24/7 and save time on real visits. Count it in the working hours of an agent and see the profit!
Stronger sense of ownership
A high-quality virtual tour duplicates the experience of an open house — except for the fact that it provides bigger independency and unlimited duration of a visit. The longer the client engages with the property, the better they can imagine actually owning it.
More freedom in marketing — more consistency in your image
Shooting a virtual tour takes 1 or 2 hours. Post-production can be done within a week. The materials you receive can be used in any possible types of promotion forever. The virtual tour will appear on Google and can be embedded on your website. You can place a link to it on your Facebook page or use panorama pictures for your social media content. It is especially practical if you consider making a 360° tour of rented housing or you want to strengthen your image of a sustainable real estate company.
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