The future is here: innovative technologies you should use for business

Let us tell your future: in 2019 your company can experience increase in revenue and real growth. All due to the innovative technologies you should already add to your routine. Note: the list is small-business-friendly!
Virtual reality
Consumption is all about immersive experience. This is what VR provides, and not only to designers and engineers who create virtual models. Stores, restaurants, gyms, beauty salons, real estate agencies can use virtual tours to build trust online and attract clients offline. 360° tours benefit any business that offers experience, rather than just a physical product or a service.

Virtual tours, placed on Google platforms, give a new twist to social media. The same panoramas can be shared in Facebook posts or Instagram carousels. You can learn how to do that in one of our previous articles. Displaying your business at 360°, you attract more attention to your company, build trust, increase engagement and boost conversion.
Artificial intelligence
AI can sound too complex and costly for small and medium-sized enterprises, but, actually, it exists in various quite affordable forms. Consider machine-learning analytics of existing customer data or chatbots in messengers or on your website. They have already helped many businesses grow faster and get a competitive edge over those who haven't adopted AI yet.
If you struggle to get more customers offline, you have two options. First, you optimize your business listing and make users come to you physically (long live the virtual tours that encourage 40% more people to visit the spot they found on Google Maps!) Second, you open an online store. With current website creation software secure online payment systems, it's easier than ever, and you can even do it in-house.
5G networks
Ok, this one is really from the future. 5G is the next big thing after 4G LTE that is common today. 5G is promised to be up to 10 times faster and provide you with better device-to-device communication and, surprisingly, more intense collaboration between your employees. You see the connection: the better the system works inside your company, the richer experience your customers get. The happier the client, the bigger the revenue :)
We don't mean to say that all the innovative technologies will soon become mainstream even for small businesses, but you definitely need to know how to benefit from the right technology at the right time.

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