How to post a virtual tour on social media

So, you've got a virtual tour running on Google and bringing all the benefits to your business listing and customers. What to do next?
1. Embed the tour to your website
We've written how to do it here.
2. Post it as a 360° photo on Facebook
  • Take the panorama we sent you
  • Create a post, uploading the picture like you would normally do.
Facebook will automatically recognize your photo as a panorama. If it does not happen, refresh the page or contact us, and we will try to find the solution.
  • Press and move the pointer to choose the starting view of your tour.
  • Add a copy, tag the location and let your Facebook visitors enjoy your space at 360°!
3. Turn the panorama into a carousel post on Instagram
Posting 360° images is not possible on Instagram yet. However, you can easily crop your panorama into three separate square photos. No graphic designer and no Photoshop needed!
  • Save the panoramic picture to your phone.
  • Browse one of these apps: Swipeable for iOS or InSwipe for Android. They are free and they work (we've checked that). Either of them will help you get a seamless panorama in the form of a carousel.
  • Let your followers know that the picture is swipeable, add whatever tags you prefer and enjoy the outcome!
If you have any questions left, don't hesitate to send them to us: info@showyour.space. We will be glad to help you get the maximum out of your virtual tour!
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