Pre-Holiday Checklist for Business Owners

It's the most wonderful time of the year: your employees have already played Secret Santa and even arranged who would stay in charge on the festive night; your clients have received Christmas cards and corporate souvenirs from you… Before you leave the office to enjoy the company of your loved ones, make sure to cross these last things out of your to-do list.
1. Update your business listing
Make sure you've set special holiday working hours. Those who decide to show up at your door on 25 December will be grateful. If you want to ring in the new year with a completely optimized Google My Business listing, check out our guide on that.
2. Arrange something important for the start of 2019
Let's be realistic: It will be hard to make anyone move on the first days of January. So, prepare in advance. For example, take advantage of the Christmas offer and arrange a virtual tour shooting
(we give a 30% discount, think about it).
3. Remember all of your customers, prospects, suppliers and business partners
Yes, all of them. Let your designer dedicate an hour to creating a postcard for them or just find something cute on Google and add a couple of sincere lines from you. It won't take too long to СС an email to everyone who was helpful to you, but it can make your business connection stronger next year.
4. Announce some good news on social media
Has anyone cancelled their reservation for the holiday's eve? Do you have any gift bags left in stock? Spread it immediately! These might be the things you will have to do last minute, but at the end of the day, you will make your customers happy and won't lose any revenue either.
5. Make a wish
What is it that you have always dreamt about for your business, but you have never found the time or resources for? A staff marketer? A redesigned website? Or a move from a small to medium-size enterprise? Write it down on paper, and let the Christmas miracle happen (with the help of your detailed business strategy, of course).
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