How to make people choose your gym

These tips are based on 4 main advantages that make people decide on getting a membership. Do you doubt that you have all of them? No problem: we'll tell you what to do.
Show your closeness
Yes, people always look for a place near their home or office. Where will you catch them? Up to 44% users start their search directly on Google Maps*. Attract their attention and gain some reputation points with a completed business listing. Make sure you have high-quality interior photos and a virtual tour of your gym. It's quite reasonable to hire a Google trusted agency like ShowYour.Space, pay for it once and get a complete 360° tour running across the platforms.
Use our free guide to optimize your gym's listing completely.
A virtual tour creates a better sense of space that a simple photography. Would you guess what is hiding behind the door of Sweatbox Brooklyn without a look inside?
Be recommended
Turn your regular clients into influencers. They might not need another year of membership as a "thank you" for bringing a friend to you. However, they might get enthusiastic about a sports drink for a post on social media. They upload a photo, tag your gym, receive their treat, while you get an incredibly trustworthy and almost free ad with larger organic reach.
Check your overall digital marketing strategy and see what exactly you need right now.
Stars on Google? Pictures on Instagram?
Tell your visitors precisely what you want from them, and leave their friends no choice but to join your gorgeous gym.
Looking at the virtual tour of CrossFit 718, one can almost feel how intense the training will be.
Offer variable prices (a trick inside!)
Buying a one-year membership card can count as a bargain, but let's be honest: how many people do actually visit the gym during all this time? Make shorter-term offers to your clients. A one-to-six-month commitment might attract more customers, especially among the younger audience.
If they decide to stay with you for another period, they will end up paying you more than if they bought a long-term membership straight away. A little trick to increase your revenue while still thinking about your clients :)
Hold a trial visit online
Does your gym have spacious rooms for crossfit? Do you own a classical place for training with machines and various free weights? Do you have a TRX among other equipment? Answer all these questions with one virtual tour placed on Google platforms.
Embed it to your website and share panoramas on social media. Let your future clients discover every advantage of your gym on their own. Save their time and your money on trial visits.
One glance at a virtual tour of CrossFit Outbreak Williamsburg — and you get the idea of the variety of exercises their trainers will want you to do.
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