What is a virtual tour and why is it so useful for business?

Imagine walking into the location (a restaurant, a store or any other space) for the first time. You have a look around. You take a step closer to the objects you see. You pass through the rooms. Now imagine doing all that on the screen of your computer or a smartphone — this is called a virtual tour.
How a virtual tour is made
A complete 360° tour consists of several panoramic images which are edited and seamlessly connected into a single piece. For example, this tour of Fieldfisher London office was made of 97 panoramas.
It is possible to make a tour of a miniature space as well. For DECIEM (The Abnormal Beauty Company) "The Ordinary" only two panoramas were needed to be shot. No matter what the size of the premises is — the complete tour will do its job.
Is a virtual tour the same as Google Street View?
Google Street View gives you a sense of the place's exterior, while a 360° tour allows you to get inside. When it is ready, we place it on Google Maps and make it available on your Google My Business listing. A virtual tour completes your company's page and improves your SEO ranking.
Who needs a virtual tour?
360° tours are used a lot for educational and commercial purposes. Have a look at the one we made for St. James's Sussex Garden:

Virtual tours benefit all types of businesses that need to grow their company's knowledge, build trust, improve their results online and achieve their goals offline. With a 360° tour, you can show your interior and assortment and even transmit the atmosphere of your space. A virtual tour increases online bookings for hotels and restaurants and helps real estate. Most importantly, 360° tours work both for world-famous companies and small businesses. You may think BMW motorcycles don't need any extra advertising, but a virtual tour can motivate a customer to finally come and buy it.

Where to order a virtual tour?
To create the best image, you want to hire an experienced Google trusted team. ShowYour.Space has made high-quality 360° tours for 400 clients in the UK, Ireland and the US. Here is one of our most recent works:
We work only with professional photographers though keep our prices very affordable and make sure our customers are happy with the results they get. You can schedule a phone call with us to discuss the details or fill in the form below and learn the exact price for your premises now.
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