How you (and your clients) win from virtual tours: the case of childcare

Owning a kindergarten or a child development centre is a challenge. How do you turn care into a full-blown business? A virtual tour can make your success an absolute win-win situation. Let's get into the details.
Local search
Most often, parents are searching for a kindergarten next to their home. When a person has typed "daycare near me" and got a list of all the establishments in the neighbourhood, a 360 will help you stand out from the competitors.

YOU attract double attention with a virtual tour

YOUR CLIENTS make a reasonable choice based on what appealed to them visually
Kid's Canvas Inc is a real star among other preschools in the area. With a 360° tour, it is evident at a glance!
Image and reputation
Choosing any service for a kid, be it a playground or a psychologist's practice, your audience tends to rely on personal recommendations. At the same time, each parent knows what's best for their child, so it's them to have the final say. How do you prove your establishment is worth their trust? By showing every little corner of your space on a virtual tour. By being 100% open about the activities you offer. By letting them feel the atmosphere and make a decision themselves.

YOU build trust and add value with a 360° tour

YOUR CLIENTS get proof of your trustworthiness and become confident about their decision
Looking at the virtual tour of Small Brooklyn Psychology, parents can make sure that their little ones will feel safe and taken care of there.
Trial visits
Letting the child spend a couple of hours at the daycare first is a common practice. It lets the kid get comfortable with being in a new place without Mum and Dad. However, you wouldn't like all of your clients to come for a trial day and then never come again, would you? To avoid it, add a virtual tour to your Google My Business listing and the website. This way, your potential clients will know what to expect from your kindergarten: if you provide early development classes or if have any sports equipment.

YOU avoid misconceptions and save your employees' time on trial visits

YOUR CLIENTS save their time on trial visits too!
At Brooklyn Schoolhouse, children are treated as natural learners. By all the creative details you see in a virtual tour, you could guess that.
Build the community
Children don't care that much who to play with — but their parents do. Wishing the best for their little ones, they might go searching for a kindergarten that follows the latest trends in raising and entertaining kids. And here you are, presenting your space with an innovative virtual tour that you can post all around social media as 360° images, videos, and carousel posts.

YOU get to the heart of the right audience

YOUR CLIENTS ensure that you own the place where their child will have fun and will be taken care of properly
Recess Dumbo provides a playspace and a number of creative activities for children. A virtual tour gives their audience an idea of how bright their kids' experience will be there.
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