5 ways to make your restaurant stand out from the competitors

Good news: more restaurants survive their first year than any other service-providing business. Here is the main tip to succeed further: dare to be different!
Create experience
72% of millennials prefer spending their money on experience — and it's not just the atmosphere. Let them order a completely custom dish, cook a meal from the menu on their own, or even break a glass once they've finished their drink.
...and relevant ambiance
A quick example: people drink coffee for stimulation, but they come to a coffee shop for relaxation. That is why cafes often have soft lighting and some soul in the background. Think of why customers come to your place more often: is it for a date, a family dinner, or a happy-hour? Arrange your style according to this scenario, and don't hesitate to change the playlist!
Invest in design
The perfect restaurant for a millennial is a well-thought interior with comfortable chairs and several instagrammable details. A unique graffiti or a provocative statue can bring you more user-generated content than your most delicious dish!
Support the "local" trend
Highlight the fact that you use organic products from the local farm. Spread your story in the local media. Entrust your brand awareness in the customers from the neighbourhood — and Google Maps: a fully arranged listing with a virtual tour can build trust as efficiently as word of mouth.
Finish on a quick note
Service is crucial for a restaurant, and let it be perfect until the very last minute. Make sure you accept different types of payment, and your waiters always bring the bill and the change fast.
A 360° tour can improve your restaurant's results online and help you attract more clients offline. Have a look at our previous works and let's talk about benefits of a virtual tour for your business!
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