4 smart tips to promote your small business like a pro

Every entrepreneur has been there: you've just opened your small business, you don't have any extra budget on marketing, so you have to think about promoting your services yourself. Use these cost-effective tips to increase your company's knowledge and customer flow.
Start with the basics
The first thing you can do to make your business visible is set up Google listing. Add your place on the map, write a sincere description, enter your working hours and ask your friends to leave the first reviews.
Design a social media account and make it work for you
Fill your brand new profile with several high-quality pictures of your interior and products. Put a physical sign in your place, saying you offer some bonuses to those who mention your Instagram account or mark your location on Facebook. It could be a free drink, a loyalty card or an immediate discount — anything that makes your clients feel special and provide you with some nice user-generated content.
Benefit from the local
Set your targets on those who live in your area. Offer some specialties, like "a set of a Londoner" or "a typical Camden brunch". Design the menu for the go-to coffee shop or cooperate with a local exhibition. Build your image on what is close to your customers. Stand out with what makes you and your audience unique.
Invest in cost-effective instruments
Choose the tools that will work for you in the perspective. For example, a virtual tour is shot once and promotes your business as long as Google exists. You will have your 360° tour on Google Maps; you can add it to your website and share the link directly with your investors and customers. You can adapt the panoramas for your social media content and save some time and money on that too.
Doing marketing on your own can be tricky but at the end of the day, no one knows your small business better than you do. Contact us directly — let us show your space in full!
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