How beauty salons and tattoo parlors win from virtual tours

Whether you own a beauty salon or promote a tattoo parlor, a virtual tour could help you bring your image to the next level. Here are the main benefits of using 360° tours in the beauty industry.
Make an unforgettable first impression
When your clients find you on Google Maps, a virtual tour will be among the first things to catch their attention. While your competitors settle for amateur photos and Google Street View, you wow with a high-quality 360° image that still looks unconventional.
Numerous sketches on the walls of Behind the Circle can help the ones in doubt. Did they want a tattoo? Did they know where to have it made? Now they do!
Show your space from the most flattering angle
Appealing exterior is not what your clients value your space for. People like to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the beauty salon and feel safe in the tattoo parlor. You invest in the interior and equipment — so let your customers see them with a virtual tour!
Cotter Barber is the place where you enjoy fresh coffee, buy hair care products, chat with like-minded people and — yes, get a haircut.
Would you guess it by just looking at their sign?
Prove that you use up-to-date technologies
Follow the logic of your customer: if a salon uses advanced technologies for promotion, then, probably, they use them in their direct duties. Create the innovator's image with a virtual tour!
Get top recommendations
It is no secret that your sphere works on word-of-mouth. When a Google trusted agency makes a virtual tour for you, that counts as an influencer's advice, right?
Attract visitors from all the neighbourhoods
Beauty salons are often visited because of their proximity to the client's home. By adding a 360° tour, you optimize your Google My Business listing and manage to stand out from your closest competitors.

If you provide any unique services and want to achieve broader audience from more distant neighbourhoods, a virtual tour will let you boast of all of your special equipment and prove that your salon is worth coming to.
The London Dolls work only by appointment. Looking at their unique space, you get the idea why.
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